Studio legale Bossi

ITALY / Milano



Throughout his professional life, Alessandro Bossi has tried to keep a balance between contentious and non-contentious work. As to the former, he practices commercial and civil litigation, with a success rate of over 75%. This good result is mainly due to the fact that he does not accept all the cases submitted by prospective clients, but only those which offer reasonable chance of a win or of a satisfactory settlement.

He has also a substantial expertise as mediator and arbitrator.

Arbitration: he is appointed as arbitrator both by arbitration institutions and by colleagues in ad hoc procedures.

Mediation: he regularly acts as mediator for well-known mediation centers, for example that of the Law Society of Milan.


Studio legale Bossi

Studio Legale Bossi (SLB) has existed, in various professional forms, since the year 1990. It handles both private and business law, focusing on commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation. SLB believes in close relationship with the clients and strives to keep them fully informed and up to date. On the other hand, it expects its clients to make a good faith effort to provide the firm with complete and accurate information. Care and attention are maintained since the first contact until the end of the matter. SLB cooperates with other firms, not only in the legal field.